एक गीत सौ अफ़साने

Gori Hai Kalaiyan | Ek Geet Sau Afsane

It’s not easy to manage and host a show for 50 weeks without fail, For someone like Sujoy Chatterjee whom I consider, a Wikipedia of Hindi film music, He penned more than 1000 episodes of #oldisgold and authored a brilliant book on indian film and music, writing 50 episodes might not be a big challenge but doing it on regular basis, while managing his high demanding job is really comandeble, and for Sangya Tandon the challenge was even bigger, from finding a new anchor every week to upload the podcast without a miss while managing along the task of Aarpaa radio is something really worth all the praise. So the story of #EkGeetSauAfsane is not less than any magical script. 50 episodes, one milestone achieved, now move for another… But before that just sit down and enjoy the 50th episode on #GoriHaiKalaiyan song. A big thanks to all the fantastic anchors of this program who made this possible.

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