एक मुलाक़ात ज़रूरी है

एक मुलाकात जरूरी है || एपिसोड 01 || पीयूष झा

Meet Writer Director Piyush Jha, who is the inspiration behind “inspector Virkar” character played by Prateek Babbar in the recently released MX Player original series “Chakravyuh” which is also based on Piyush’s novel “Anti social network”. In this first episode of Ek Mulakaat Zaroori Hai season 2, a series by Radio Playback India, Piyush also talked about his creative journey and his films like Chalo America and Sikander. 

Through this Podcast Series, we broadcast interviews of the artists from film, music and literature world, it will help listeners to know better about their favorite personalities from the world of entertainment and literature, conducted by Sajeev Sarathie
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